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Who We Are 

Factory Physics is the title of both an award-winning book and our company.  Formed in 2001 by Dr. Mark L. Spearman, Factory Physics Inc. is a management consulting company that provides a scientific framework, software support tools, and training to optimize performance of manufacturing supply chains.

Since 1986, researchers at Northwestern University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan have been developing a new paradigm that provides a comprehensive, scientific framework to control and optimize the fundamental operations of any manufacturing and supply chain system.  The result is the Factory Physics framework that provides a practical set of solutions for manufacturing and supply chain managers and executives. 

In a strong endorsement for the Factory Physics approach, the National Science Foundation has awarded Factory Physics, Inc. over $1 million in grants to develop the CSUITE Software to standardize and advance the framework.  This combination of software, training and consultation has been proven and strengthened in application, saving millions of dollars and increasing competitiveness for our clients.

What We Do

Our focus is on results and we have helped organizations worldwide realize millions of dollars in savings, dramatic reductions in inventory and cycle time, and tremendous increases in throughput to show from past engagements.  Our approach is unlike any other.  Factory Physics Inc. delivers results through the structure of a comprehensive, scientific framework based on years of research and development. 

Through years of practical application, Factory Physics Inc. has moved well beyond academic discussion to the dynamic, bottom-line focus required in industry.  We bring together the best of both worlds.  With Factory Physics Inc., you get powerful practical science, software and experts with years of industry experience to enable successful results for your market conditions and strategic focus.

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"We provide companies with an antidote to the effects of Newton's Third Law of Consulting. Newton's Third Law of Consulting states, 'For each and every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert.' Using the fundamental laws and relationships that govern all companies, executives can decide for themselves what is best. Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it is not. We enable executives to quickly apply powerful, practical science to overcome the strategic and operational challenges they face. We work with all company personnel to improve intuition and problem solving while improving performance." - Mark Spearman

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